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Online-course review

Do you know the feeling? You’re so full of enthusiasm that explaining why to the people around you  is next to impossible.

After the two day basis course this is exactly what I struggle with. 

It was a special course. Due to social distancing we could not gather in Soest and had to resort to Skype. We were with 6 participants and Baudy.

And it worked beautifully! The online-setting motivated us to use the Conversation etiquette even more. Especially the “waiting for your turn” when you are eager to respond was easier than at the “kitchen table”. A nice benefit for 6 beginners.

It took 7 strangers only half an hour to feel safe and connected. According to Baudy that is because of our clear and common goal. The diversity in our group - unexpectedly - turned out to be an advantage. What a bummer the course is over already!

Karel Haverkorn

Adviseur energietransitie bij RVO.

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