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Use the wisdom of your circle!

What if we started to really listen to each other again?
Without interruption, without discussion, starting to listen with an open mind?
I am sure it will make the world a better place.

We are so used to reacting immediately, that we forgot how important it is to listen.
We are so eager to share our own opinion, that we often forget what wisdom others have.

When we listen to each other, we grow and gain new insights. When we give the person who's turn to speak it is, all our attention, when we listen with an open mind, we can hear. With the new information we hear, we can start to think creatively. We get new ideas.
And when it's your turn, you get the full attention of the group, sharing your ideas, your new insights, the things that are important to you.
Because now the others listen to you, without interruption and with an open mind, they start being creative as well. They got new ideas.
When it is their turn again, they share their new ideas, their new insights....

Can you imagine the impact?
Can you imagine what happens when you use all the wisdom of your group? When each person has his turn, when each person gets the possibility to arrange his or her thoughts and to speak without interruption.
Combined you will find a solution for any problem or an answer to any question.

As a simple guide to help groups build a safe environment for such an open conversation we have developed the C.O.N.S.E.N.T.-methode® conversationetiquette.
In every meeting we respect this etiquette and we invite you to do the same as this is the first step to taping into our collective wisdom.

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