Everyone participates equally and is involved.


The CONSENT-method

helps you and your team with constructive cooperation and supported decision-making


Flexibility to ensure your organization continues to act to the intention.

Clear communication and an equivalence-based working atmosphere create connection. This results in committed and active employees and colleagues who enjoy doing their job. We aim to give you tools, a step-by-step plan and tips on how to make shared decisions in your organization.

Start with our Conversation Etiquette!

Watch the video and you already have your first tool. That is how we like to work: pragmatic, concretely and enabling you get started immediately.

We are a Dutch organization and our website and books are therefore in Dutch. Bit by bit we are now taking the first steps towards translating into other languages.

Our beermat is already available in English and German. There is the Decide with CONSENT booklet in English and the multilingual childerens book CONSENT!, it contains the story in Dutch, English and German.

Wait... “A beermat?” Yes, you know, a cardboard coaster that you place your beer glass on. But at the same time a cheat sheet to keep handy at meetings. Because everything in the CONSENT-method goes in rounds, we enjoyed borrowing these rounded shapes.

The English beermats are currently only available as printable PDF.

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Handy to keep at your fingertips during meetings.

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Sneak-peak into CONSENT decision-making

Constructive conversation and decision-making based on all voices.

That sounds very nice, but...

  • ...you’ve watched the video on the homepage about conversation etiquette
  • … how on earth are we going to stick to that?
  • ... will meetings take up even more time now?
  • ... you've read about it, tried it, but it didn't really work.
  • ... some of your colleagues just don't get it.

Okay... so you may still have some doubts. Maybe not YOU, but your colleague/supervisor does.
Don't just take our word for it, come and try it, experience it first hand!

Join our 1,5 hour introductory workshop!

In a relaxed way we introduce you to our inclusive and effective way of working together. You don't just watch and listen, you actively participate! Experience first hand what’s possible when everyone's voice was part of the decision-making process.


Join the CONSENT-method introduction-workshop

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